Christians, here’s solution to ‘gays’ suing your businesses #tcot

Now this is simply one of the most brilliant ideas I’ve seen in a long time.

Christians, here’s solution to ‘gays’ suing your businesses.

This really doesn’t apply to just the LGBT issue, but to any segment of the culture war where Progressive groups are trying to force people to violate their moral consciences.

The one thing he neglects to note is that you do have to be public what you are doing.

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3 Responses to Christians, here’s solution to ‘gays’ suing your businesses #tcot

  1. What if they were refusing to marry a mixed race couple, because they believed it was wrong?
    I’m a Christian but discrimination is discrimination no matter how you choose to dress it up.

    • Raul says:

      Oddly enough as a Hispanic married to an Anglo, I’ve got some firsthand experience with this sort of thing from the receiving end. I wouldn’t agree with them, but the last thing I would do would be to force my interpretation onto them. That said, I would challenge them but then I have invested considerable study into theology and especially apologetics.

      If you want an idea of my thoughts on bigotry, a podcast I work on just went live. It’s about the TV show Babylon 5 from the 90’s, but it’s very relevant. You can find it here:

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