Our disdainful president

Our disdainful president – Star Parker.

political-correctness-voltaireI actually agree with everything that Star is saying here, except she is missing the purpose of Obama’s action at this point.  This isn’t disdain, it is strategic.

Obviously, Obama couldn’t have taken the amnesty route prior to the election.  The results would have been even worse than they were and there would have been a clear mandate against amnesty.  Star is right, that this wasn’t high on the voters’ list of concerns.

However, by doing this, Obama accomplishes two goals.  1) He takes momentum out of the Republican victories before the new Congress is even sworn in.  2) He sets the agenda for the new Congressional session rather than allowing his opponents to set it.

He can take this risk for one simple reason.  Obama believes the Congress lacks the courage to do anything to stop him.  He also believes, in my opinion, that Mr. Gruber is right; the American voter is stupid.  So from his perspective he is taking no risk at all.  Unfortunately, also in my opinion, the evidence seems to indicate the he is right.

Yes, he is arrogant.  Yes, he looks with disdain on the American public.  Yes, he wants to create a new class of Democrat voters.  However, this amnesty, with this timing, was not driven by these truths.

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