Gov. Scott Walker ‘very interested’ in 2016 presidential run #tcot

Folks, you need to watch this interview.  This is the man I’ve long considered the best candidate conservatives could ask for in the 2016 election.  I just was never certain he’d run until now.

Gov. Scott Walker ‘very interested’ in 2016 presidential run | Fox News Video.

Gov. Scott Walker 'very interested' in 2016 presidential run | Fox News Video

I’ve found it fun to follow the proggy blogs about Walker.  I’ve never seen the level of pure bile poured out as is toward him.  They treated Palin nicer.  That in itself tells me this guy has the ability to win.  The spewing I’ve seen reflects an almost abject fear of the man.

But is that fear justified?  Well, let’s consider…

  • He’s won 3 elections in 4 years by solid margins well outside the margin of error.
  • He did it in a pro-union, blue leaning purple state.
  • He took on – and won – against the public sector union.  And was still re-elected.
  • He cut both taxes and spending.
  • He was able to bring together both establishment and conservative Republicans.
  • He has proven appeal to the independent voters.
  • He has appeal to the blue-dog Democrats (what few haven’t been driven from the party).
  • He has proven no friend to academic indoctrination.  And proven you don’t need a college degree for success.
  • He was able to overcome the worst that the press could dish out.  Repeatedly.
  • He’s not faking his “one of us” background.

Yeah.  I think the left has very good reason to be afraid of him.  He won’t simply play lip service to undoing the damage of the Obama administration.  He will undo what Obama did to this country.  If he runs in the general election, I think he will win.

That will be the problem, however.  The one group that will fear him more than progressive Democrats will be liberal Republicans.  I.e. the Republican establishment.  Not only does he not necessarily reflect their ideology, he will by his very nature force them to get off the fence.

As much as I like Rand Paul and Ted Cruz, I’ve long said Scott Walker is the most potent candidate we could field.  I really do hope he runs.

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