Peggy Noonan Gets It Better Than the Rest

picture031-e1415906197153-273x300I’ve always been on again off again on Peggy’s commentaries.  I suppose the good thing is that if I only read someone with whom I always agreed, it would get pretty boring.  Her WSJ editorial, however, should be required reading for anyone who wants to understand what is happening in the GOP primaries.

America Is So In Play

  • It’s not a matter of angry – She gets it.
  • Immigrant citizens hate illegal immigration – She gets it.
  • Republican leadership not in control – She gets it.
  • Trump goes way beyond Republicans – she gets it.

In fact the only spot where she’s a little off is in the “in play” concept.  That makes it sound like we’re buyers looking for a deal.  That’s not true any more.  We’re the employers giving bad employees the sack.  Or to borrow Trumps famous line, “You’re fired!”


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