Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Paul

The honor of it all aside, Rep. Paul Ryan would do well to decline the speakership of the House. For it is a poisoned chalice that is being offered to him.

Source: Don’t Take Your Guns to Town, Paul

Party leadership has nobody to blame but themselves. As far back as 2010, there were people warning that if the Republican establishment ignores the voters who lend them their power those voters are going to decide their own party is the first threat to the nation, even over Obama. In 2012, conservatives – characterized by establishment as TEA party fringes – were marginalized with the result of a second Obama term. In 2014, after severely spanking the “leadership” in the primaries, Republicans were still given historic wins. Yet, within 2 weeks, there was open betrayal by the party establishment. Now, just a few months ago the establishment candidate makes it known that they don’t need the party base.

Yes, Pat is right. There is a rebellion. However, it is not a rebellion of conservatives, it is a rebellion of the party establishment against the plain will of the party. There really are only two possible outcomes. Either the establishment surrenders or the establishment is destroyed. After 5 years of lies, there is nothing left in the “trust bucket” to craft a compromise.

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