The Single Biggest Mistakes Progressives and Democrats Are Making

Watching the feeding frenzy through the last week going after Trump is really driving home just how out of touch the hard left really is.  I keep hearing terms like “Trumpism” or the “Trump movement” being talked about.  More importantly, it’s discussed in terms of something that Trump created or helped to create.  These Democrats and progressives have it completely backwards.

Donald Trump did not create this movement.

This movement created Donald Trump.

This movement really got its start as a political movement in 2010 with the rise of the TEA party movement.  So, if you really want to blame someone on this movement becoming a political force, blame Barack Obama.

President Trump’s great sin was that he gave that movement a voice, in that he executed their policies, rather than just giving it lip service as so many Republicans have over the last two and a half decades.  Most of the hard left simply cannot comprehend that because the truth is, their leadership, motivations, and ideals run from the top, down.  In the case of these people, the objective is to ensure that Trump can never have a public political life again.  That’s Nancy Pelosi’s position that she claimed on 60 Minutes recently, not me.  I have no reason to doubt it.

Unfortunately, I fear that the Deep State does understand this distinction.  In their case, I think the objective is even more dangerous.  Their goal is to make sure nobody will dare to stand up against the permanent bureaucracy ever again.  They know that Trump is not the enemy, that we are and they are taking steps to keep us out of power.  They recognize the threat we represent.

Frankly, if the Democrats ever become inconvenient to the maintenance of power by this permanent bureaucracy, it will to the Democrats exactly what they did to Trump.  Deep State and the Progressive movement in the Democratic Party is nothing more than an alliance of convenience.  If you doubt that, ask Bernie Sanders.

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