Trump: Bringer of 3rd uprising against GOP elite

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Michael Massie’s Op-Ed on WND: Trump: Bringer of 3rd uprising against GOP elite

Great thoughts but I’m not entirely sure I would agree with Massie’s thoughts on Cain, as much as I did like him.  However, his overall point is certainly true.  Look at the silencing of Ron Paul and the foisting of Romney upon us.

Massie missed an entire epoch, though.  I’d separate the 2014 elections where establishment people had to defend otherwise safe seats and were even primaried out.  In spite of that, TEA Partiers gave Republicans a huge success that November and it didn’t take even two weeks for Boehner and McConnell to throw the voters under the buss.  And ended Boehner’s career as a result.  These events stand alone, not lumped with either 2012 or now.

The greatest – and most gratifying, to me – irony is that the leadership rewrote the rules specifically to enshrine the candidate *they* want early in the primary season.  This is going to be the biggest backfire in American political history.  They now have their worst nightmare: choosing between Cruz or Trump.  That is like asking the condemned whether he wants the firing squad or hanging.

I said back when George W. was still president that we are worrying about the wrong enemy where the Democrats are concerned.  That the Leadership of our own party is the first enemy that must be destroyed.  It’s taken close to ten years, but we are finally seeing that happen.


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