Colorado election law prompts concerns about voter fraud #tcot

Colorado election law prompts concerns about voter fraud | Fox News.

DSCF0017Of course.  I’ve been talking about the Democrat election stealing machine regularly on here of late.  This is just another example.

Just to clarify my position, I have no problem with the people of a State choosing to live under a Socialist or Progressive regime.  That is the prerogative of the people and the responsibility of self government.  At least, not so long as they don’t expect the other States to bail them out when their flawed system implodes under its own weight.  I do, however have a very big problem when people rig the electoral system to undermine the will of those citizens.  It doesn’t matter whether it is rigging the balloting machines, the dead voting multiple times or non-citizens voting, it is evil.

As far as I’m concerned the people engaged in this are as vile and disgusting as the old Soviet Union or jihadi terrorists.  All are trying to oppress the people under a regime of evil.

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