A bit about the Conservative Lefty…

I’ve already made a few posts, but honestly, those were more just getting the site up and running in all its happy permutations.

It may not be a bad idea if I didn’t take a moment to actually introduce myself.

The most obvious question is how does being a Lefty and being a Conservative go together? Most people put them on opposite sides of just about every issue.

Easy. I’m left handed.

Just for your sake, be assured I will try to minimize the use of bad, left handed puns. In fact, I’ll make a conscious effort to limit them to cases where they will be the most painful. Think of it as a left-handed compliment.

A bit more about me…In addition to be left handed and conservative, I am also a theologically conservative Christian. Note well that theological/philosophical conservatism and political/ideological conservatism do not necessarily go hand-in-hand. By profession I am in the clinical cardiovascular sciences and a software engineer. That double background is a long story that I will get to someday if it is appropriate. I am also a big science fiction fan, sound engineer on the side, and have a love of fine Belgian abbey ales.

You will find me a strong supporter of the Bill of Rights and a staunch opponent of the 17th Amendment. I enjoy a good conversation with people who disagree with me, however I despise people that think “to debate” means shouting down the other person and relying on ad hominem attacks rather than addressing the issue.

I also have a bit of a reputation as a technophile. I’m the old fart that the 20-somethings come to when they want to know how to use their tech. In particular, I have a love-relationship with tablet technology and have been using them since 2004. Yes, for those of you that can count, that is many years before the iPad. Currently I use iOS, Android and Windows tablets interchangeably and on a regular basis. That said, my preferred writing instrument is still an AT Cross Townsend fountain pen on high quality paper. Even many of the blog posts you will read here will be first written long-hand with it before being typed. The brain works differently when you have to write the words. More thought takes place.

If there’s anything you’d like to know about me or a specific issue on which you would like to hear my thoughts, feel free to ask.  Email me at ConservativeLefty@outlook.com

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