GOP lawmakers face pressure from base to target ObamaCare – or else #tcot

GOP lawmakers face pressure from base to target ObamaCare – or else | Fox News.

The base must keep up the pressure.  Even the lawmakers who are our allies actually need pressure from the base if they are going to do something.  There is immense pressure to stop them and it requires both there willingness and our active participation in the process if we are to succeed.

One amusing part of the article is where the professor quoted is trying float excuses Republicans could use to ignore the public.  It sure didn’t take long before we heard the lame “We can’t do much, after all we don’t have the Presidency,” excuse.

Gee.  We only control both houses of Congress and have a balance, if not a slight edge in the Supreme Court.  Plus a huge lean in governors and state legislatures.  Let’s not forget the number of skittish Democrats who managed to stay in office and don’t want to be drug down by this President.

My advice to Congress?  Pay attention to the election results.  That includes the Primaries.  Congress is intended to be a check and balance to the executive.  That was the specific intent of this last election.  Right now you have the pressure based on support to do what you were elected to do.  Do not let that turn into the pressure of our wrath.

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