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Since 1855, the U.S. political scene has been divided between Democrats and Republicans. While there’s no question which party works harder to degrade and destroy Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, I reckon the two-party political divide is a distinction

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I had hopes that a political solution could be reached at one point, but with the two SCOTUS decisions at the end of last week, I think bloodshed is all but inevitable. I do not, however, think it is going to happen as most may think.

First, I’ve come to believe that Obama is trying to push it to open conflict intentionally. No one could be so serially incompetent. It is as if every decision and policy seems to be pushing for an armed confrontation. Remember, too, that his ideology requires revolution. If so, then he has been preparing for this increasingly publicly, whether it’s been purging the military of anyone who might reject illegal orders to militarizing the bureaucracy to encouraging rioting in minority neighborhoods.

More important is that he needs conservatives to fire the first shot. That put them in the position of the aggressors and gives him justification. if the federal government fires first it will be a unified and decisive response by the public, much of the military and I believe many of our police forces. That is why I believe the government backed down at the Bundy ranch. It was clear they would have to initiate the violence.

But as I say, I don’t think that this is going to be the cause of the violent conflict, if not outright civil war.

The other side of the Progressive push has been at America’s social institutions, especially the Church and free expression through the political correctness movement. It also includes creating a dependency class through welfare and creating racial guilt. This venues have been making their progress through the education system and through an increasingly corrupt court system.

And that is where it will blow up. We are getting closer and closer to the States calling an Article V convention. First, this cuts the Fed out of the discussion. Second, this is would be State based, not population based. If you look at the electoral map of the State legislatures, you’ll see what I mean. Montana has as much say as California despite the population differences. That stipulation is part of the Constitution’s rules of amendment.  Third, the overwhelming majority of States are conservative, regardless of party, though even on party lines, Republicans would pull more than the 3/4ths required to pass the Amendments that came out of such a convention.

What amendments would we likely see? I think any of the following are a high probability.

  • Balanced budget
  • Flat tax
  • Defense of Marriage
  • Revamping and/or limiting the SCOTUS
  • Strengthening the 2nd Amendment
  • Possibly repealing the 17th Amendment
  • Entitlement/welfare reform amendment
  • Immigration amendment (though I could see this breaking either to either side)

All of these – except possibly immigration will go in the conservative, small government direction. There are the votes in the various state legislatures to get a block like this passed. So what happens if that occurs with the far left States like CA, NY, CT, NJ, etc. when they find their source of “other people’s money” cut off?

I don’t think they will peacefully acquiesce.

Frankly I can see the violence breaking out from Progressives when they perceive a convention to be a real threat. They still need a couple more generations in control of education and immigration before they have created an unstoppable social mass. Losing at this point will set them back generations. Either the mob or the government will begin the bloodshed. I do believe that Progressivism will lose. At least if the conflict comes in my or my son’s (natural) lifetime. Further than that, though? The American experiment will be dead.

That America can avoid this path is something my wife and I pray for regularly.


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