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220px-Larry_ElderDear Larry: Geez, I cannot fathom the polls that have Donald Trump leading. Either a lot of Republicans are just frustrated or stupid, or both — and they want a bomb-thrower. Or it is pro-Hillary Clinton Democrats voting in those polls. Trump is ruining the race for the serious Republican candidates and thereby helping Hillary immensely.

Source: Letter to a Friend: ‘Harsh Immigration’ Is Not Why Latinos Hate Republicans – Larry Elder

My response:

Dear Larry,

 I have to take issue with you on two fronts.

  1.  “Hispanics are leftists.  Period.”  No.  We.  Are.  Not.  My blog might be called www.conservativelefty.com, but it is because I’m left handed, not because I’m a Progressive.  (Well, it’s also a play to classical liberalism and its tie to modern conservatism, but too many seem to lack the education to get it…)  In your defense, you live in SoCal, so I can understand from where you are coming.  Having lived there 9 years, it was the only time in my 50-plus years that I was actually ashamed of my Mexican heritage.  What I saw goes against everything in my upbringing regarding honor, hard work and respect.  There are far more of us than anyone realizes.
  2. We conservatives are not angry, as so many opinion writers keep claiming.  We were angry back in 2012 when the Party crammed Romney down our throats.  Angry enough that enough voters walked away and chose to endure another four years of Obama.  That wasn’t me, but I did understand their position.  We were honked off royally in 2014, when a mere couple weeks after handing Republicans landmark victories the turned around with a betrayal of historic proportions.  Then the Party had the hubris to push Jeb Bush at us with the message that we don’t need the base.  We are not angry.  We are responding with the systematic dismantling of the political elite class.   The time for anger is long past.

I do have to say though, you are correct.  It is a mistake to think the Hispanic vote will matter for the Republican candidate.  We already have the votes the conservative Hispanics.  We already take an even harsher position than even Trump.  One friend, back when I was in Santa Clarita was calling for .50cal pill boxes on the border.  We will not – cannot – “win over” the votes we don’t already have.

 If we want the Hispanic vote, then we need to do 4 things:

  1.  Keep illegals away from the benefits of citizenship.  That not only means voting, but all the other freebies Progressives hand out to buy their support.  Being an American citizen is something precious; don’t cheapen it.
  2. Legal immigrants should be allowed based on their intent to become citizens.  This work here and send the money/benefits/privileges home is an insult to everyone who has – or whose predecessors has – busted their butts to come here.

  3. Assimilate.  Progressives depend on isolation and division.  Those immigrants that do work to become Americans should become Americans.  That is, they should – must – embrace the unique American culture.  If not, why both coming here?   That doesn’t mean one abandons their ethnic pride/culture.  It does mean one embraces our national pride/culture.

  4. Be patient.  The goal is achievable, but not in the next election (where it won’t matter, anyway).  The biggest weakness of conservatives is that they don’t understand the long game.

I do hope the Sage from South Central can put his frustration aside and regain his sagacity.

 Kind regard,

Raul Ybarra

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