Troop leader: CBP agent held Boy Scout at gunpoint – #tcot #immigration

Your going to have to read this to believe it…

Troop leader: Customs and Border agent held Boy Scout at gunpoint | Fox News.

Yeah, it comes down to a “he said, she said.”  However, the Boy Scouts still take their oaths seriously so it should not be hard to guess who is telling the truth.

Frankly, this is a load of crap and I’m really getting sick and tired of it.  If you’re an illegal immigrant invading this country you are not only welcomed, but Hell, the unrepentant tyrant that’s an embarrassment to everything this country stands for is offering to send them a plane so they don’t have to go through Mexico.

God help you, if your a Boy Scout coming home across an open border, though.  Wouldn’t it be nice if CBP would put this kind of “enthusiasm” down at the Southern Border where there is some real lawlessness going on?  Then again, there’s an election coming up and the President’s party needs the votes coming up from the south.

I guess this makes it pretty clear who our government considers The Enemy.

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