How will it end?

Patrice Lewis had a wonderful editorial over at WND.  It’s certainly worth the read.

I think it was probably 2012, shortly after the election, when I noted that we had passed the point where things will be resolved without bloodshed. It’s just the form that bloodshed will take. Would it be bloodshed due to millions of well armed, well equipped people who say “No more!” or would it be bloodshed due to thousands of Progressives rioting because they were cut off when the electoral process worked and declare “No more!”

How it will end isn’t as hard to see as one might expect. Regardless what Leftists might say, America is a center-right nation that would best be called Classical Liberal; placing individual liberty above social security. Even with their control of public education, it’s will still take about two generations unopposed to change that.

They are not longer unopposed.

Perhaps the best thing Obama did was take the Left out of the shadows and into the open. That more than anything has helped marginalized the Democratic Party into what is rapidly becoming a regional party. Democrats focused on the mob and forgot that we are 50 separate States and the combined will of those States outweighs the mob of a few high population cities.

The bloodshed of their riots cannot be avoided. They have made clear that violence will be their response to anything other than a hard shift Left. Whether it is legislatively, a repositioning of the judiciary towards Constitutional lines, or an Article V convention, the Left really has no other response except the threat of blood. There is not room for compromise simply because their definition of compromise is a matter of how fast America embraces socialism, not if it embraces it.

My one fear is not whether we will win, but that in winning we allow our righteous anger to turn us into the monsters some of the Left accuse us of being. There, though, I remind myself that in spite of what the press may tell us, America is still a nation of Faith.

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