Yes, NYT. You are the enemy of the American people.

There is nothing over the top about what the President said over the weekend.  You are convicted by your own behavior.

With all due respect, after the last 20 years and especially the last 18 months, “The Press” has the burden of regaining our respect.  Our distrust is not without cause and their actions have, in many ways, been consistent with enemies of America and its values.  Progressive socialism is the antithesis of what America stands for and your embrace of that makes you our enemy.

It is also a hubris to assume you are necessary as the press.  You are not.  A free press is necessary, but it does not have to be the NYT/WaPo/ABC/CBS/NBC/LAT monstrosities.  You are not entitled to the role.  The vacuum created by your abdication will be filled and it will be filled by whom the people decide they most trust.  You are not your own judge.  We are.

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