I Really Hate Being Right – Part 2

Wow.  Yesterday I wrote an opinion piece about the shooting of Republican congressmen.  In my writing, I not only pointed out some of the predictions I had made in the past and how this terrorist attack is a manifestation of those predictions.

I also made several predictions on the reaction from the Progressive Left.  It didn’t take long for me to be proven right.  Let’s give it a quick recounting …

I predicted screams for gun control.  It turns out that was happening while I was writing.  Terry McAuliffe was first out the box.  David Frum not far behind.  Not hard to chase those down with a quick search.

I predicted calls for restrictions in speech.  While I did get this one, too, I think I’m going to have to withdraw it simply because the Progressives have been calling for that regularly over the last few weeks.

I predicted the Left would be blaming Republicans within a few days.  The same day it turns out that the NYT was publishing an op-ed both connecting Sarah Palin and making the gun control argument.  Fortunately, it didn’t last long – the resultant outrage got the Palin connection retracted.  All that’s left of that is the correction at the bottom of the editorial.  RINO, Mark Stanford (Being on the Left is not a matter of party, after all) has blamed Trump yesterday.  Expect this kind of behavior to continue.

And the final prediction of burying the story?  It didn’t take long.  Probably the most blatant is the Washington Post story leaking that the Independent Counsel is investigating Trump.  A story which is a) actually not new at all, and b) something so presumed that it is hardly news.  Convenient timing for something that has apparently been available.

If anyone is wondering why so many people have lost enough faith in the political system and the Press to be a trustworthy watchdog that the People would elect someone like Trump as President, this is a big part of the answer.

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