Got it in one, Mr. Ybarra

What can I say?  I called not only the probable outcome, but also the media response regarding the GA-06 election.  Handel not only beat Ossoff, but – and I missed this part – she did it by a significant 5 points.  The press has also done exactly as predicted.  The are both trying to trivialize and bury what has been a top priority for months.

Of course, the prediction was not difficult.  And gloating is not the point of this article.

What is noteworthy is paying attention to the analysis by the Left.  They continue to be fixated on the idea of how to get their message to voters.  Yet they refuse to listen to the message from voters.  Let me put it in plain language:

We have heard your message and seen its results.  We reject your position.

Most of the country is not like Manhattan or San Francisco or Chicago.  Like it or not, most of America is Center-Right.  That is not going to change anytime soon.  It is a conservative nation in the sense that it seeks to conserve the ideals of individual liberty and responsibility.  That is not going to change anytime soon.  The American system of self governance is designed specifically to prevent small, highly populated regions – e.g. urban centers – from imposing their will on the entire nation.  That is also not going to change soon.

In some sense, I think Democrats already know this.  To win elections, Democrats are increasingly pretending to be centrists or even conservative.  Unfortunately, people are seeing through that more often.  People are also seeing the failure of socialism.  By contrast, the surest way for a Republican to lose is to move away from that traditional conservative (i.e. classical liberalism) message.  Democrats have created a no-win situation for themselves.  They have spent the last 15 years driving any liberals or centrists (i.e. Hamiltonians) of significance out of the party.  Their base is now made up primarily of progressives, socialists, and urban dependents.  To try shift away from this position far enough to be a national party again, they will alienate this new base.

There is also an important message for Republicans to take away, as well.  Far too many of you serve the interests of the Party or the government over the interests of the people who elected you.  Those days are over as well.  The general and special elections has one very plain message.  While we reject the Left, we are quite unhappy with you.

One area where the political pundits are correct is that there is a potential electoral bloodbath in the making for Republicans.  However, the alternative is not electing Democrats.  Look back at the history of incumbents being seriously challenges and even losing primaries over the last 4-5 years.  Look at the message of Trump winning the Republican primary.  There is a plain language message for you as well:

You are replaceable and we are not afraid to take that option.

Remember to who you are accountable.  Both the Trump and the Handel elections show that money or party support are necessary to win elections if the American voters are awake.  We are very awake right now.  You ignore us at your peril.

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