“Tolerant Liberal” Lists 28 Reasons to Hate Conservatives – #tcot

“Tolerant Liberal” Lists 28 Reasons to Hate Conservatives – Michael Schaus – Townhall Finance.

This should be required reading for any conservative who engages progressives even on an occasional basis.  You should read it as much for Ms Willis’ thoughts as for Michael Shaus’ replies.

My big problem here is in Willis calling herself a “liberal.”  There is nothing liberal about her thought or goals.  This is pure progressivism.  This is one of the best examples why of I make such a distinction between liberals and progressives I have seen in a very long time.

My question is can you even try to talk to someone like this?  In some regards there is really not much point in engaging these people.  They are not open to discussion.  On the other hand, if the “conversation” is public, there is a very real opportunity to let people like this destroy themselves.

However, to do that you have to change your objective.  You’re not trying to win an argument.  You are trying to intellectually and ideologically destroy that person and the foundation of their beliefs.  Actually, that not quite true… You are giving them the tools and assistance to do it to themselves.

It not as hard as you think.  These people live in the emotional moment.  That’s the basis of their beliefs, the direction of their appeal and it is also their single greatest weakness.  The question “why” is there bane.

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