Poll: Blame for DHS shutdown would fall to GOP – CNN.com

Poll: Blame for DHS shutdown would fall to GOP – CNN.com.

Hey, GOP?  Listen closely.  No matter what happens, YOU WILL BE BLAMED FOR IT.  Sorry for shouting, but you have to get that through you dense heads.  Remember that you getting blamed for Obamacare’s failures?  Why?

Because you didn’t propose an alternative.

Truth does not matter.

It does not matter what you do, whether you are right or even who is in charge.  Media of the left has determined you will be at fault.  That is what they will report.  No amount of fact or evidence will change that.

The truth DOES NOT MATTER.  (Sorry for shouting again.)

You will be blamed and lose in the public eye and there is nothing you can do to change that.  All you *can* do is take the actions that the electorate put you into office *to* do and let the chips fall.

If you want it put in terms of enlightened self-interest, you can be blamed, ignore you voters and be voted out.  Or you can be blamed, do it anyway and keep your job.

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