Raul’s thoughts on Hillary announcing the obvious…


“Fought children and families all her career.”  Typo? Or Freudian slip?  Proof that you can’t really kill Truth, after all?

For Conservatives this is probably the best thing that could have happened.  Jeb Bush’s chances just went down the toilet.  One can hope that he’ll get a dose of reality and take his name out of consideration and save us a lot of money beating him, but I think the odds are better for Boehner growing a pair.

Cruz, Walker and Paul have something better to campaign against than each other.  If those three, in particular, resist the pressure that will be put on them to engage in a Mexican firing squad, remember Reagan’s 11th commandment and rise above pettiness, one of them will be in the White House.

Progressives simply won’t get it.  Until it’s too late.  And the they’ll scream “not fair” until their faces turn blue.  Music to my ears.

What happens if she is doing so badly she decides to drop out, after the deadline to file as a candidate?  Will the Dems file a suit in court to get a replacement candidate?  Hope not.  They have the right to present a candidate, not the entitlement to do so.  If they want to screw the pooch this badly, they can live with their choice.

A Hillary candidacy is probably the best hope of a filibuster and veto proof Senate.  Tie the Presidential election and Senate election to wiping out Progressivism for our generation.

This also gives a very real opportunity to advance the job of cleaning out Progressives from the Republican party – especially in the House.  Conservatives ought to start vetting and grooming those candidates now.  With Boehner’s strong stand against Obama – not – Hillary is our best hope of making this his last term.  Or at least last term as Speaker.

And did I say Progressives simply won’t get it?

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