Understanding the Conservative Lefty

I’ve gotten a few instances of the “Who are you to say …” type of challenges, here and elsewhere.  I’ve noted in the past – i.e. the “About” page, a bit about me and my worldview.  However, I’ve yet to really say to much about my “street cred” in my writing or what skills I actually bring to my analysis.

I haven’t done this for two reasons.  First, political opinion – and its expression – is a fundamental right of all Americans.  I have not need to display my credentials in order to express an opinion and I have every right to have that opinion judged on the basis of its merits, not by my educational background.

The other reason, it I find it a bit embarrassing to discuss myself in that respect.  It is far too easy to come off sounding like an insufferable know-it-all, to borrow a phrase from Professor Snape.  I’ve put off the inevitable for a some three years now, but I’ve reached a point where I had best address it.  After the break, that is.  If you have to know.  Continue reading

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Got it in one, Mr. Ybarra

What can I say?  I called not only the probable outcome, but also the media response regarding the GA-06 election.  Handel not only beat Ossoff, but – and I missed this part – she did it by a significant 5 points.  The press has also done exactly as predicted.  The are both trying to trivialize and bury what has been a top priority for months.

Of course, the prediction was not difficult.  And gloating is not the point of this article.

What is noteworthy is paying attention to the analysis by the Left.  They continue to be fixated on the idea of how to get their message to voters.  Yet they refuse to listen to the message from voters.  Let me put it in plain language:

We have heard your message and seen its results.  We reject your position.

Most of the country is not like Manhattan or San Francisco or Chicago.  Like it or not, most of America is Center-Right. Continue reading

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Georgia On My Mind

The special election in GA-06 is finally happening to the ograsmic delight of political wonks across the nation.  All I can say is, thank God it’s about over.  I’m still sitting here scratching my head about it, though, as I have been for the last couple months.

You see, for some reason it has been defined as the principal indicator for the Trump administration and the predictor for the 2018 congressional elections.  Specifically, if the Republicans lose this seat, it is definitive proof that a) there is no support for Trump, and b) Republicans are going to get wiped out in 2018.

What this is proof of, actually, is that you should not let your enemies define success.  Or in this case, redefine success.  Repeatedly.  Until they finally have a chance of winning.

If you remember the original case, it was the definitive election back at the primary earlier this year. Continue reading

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I Really Hate Being Right – Part 2

Wow.  Yesterday I wrote an opinion piece about the shooting of Republican congressmen.  In my writing, I not only pointed out some of the predictions I had made in the past and how this terrorist attack is a manifestation of those predictions.

I also made several predictions on the reaction from the Progressive Left.  It didn’t take long for me to be proven right.  Let’s give it a quick recounting …

I predicted screams for gun control.  It turns out that was happening while I was writing.  Terry McAuliffe was first out the box.  David Frum not far behind.  Not hard to chase those down with a quick search.

I predicted calls for restrictions in speech.  While I did get this one, too, I think I’m going to have to withdraw it simply because the Progressives have been calling for that regularly over the last few weeks.

I predicted the Left would be blaming Republicans within a few days.  The same day it turns out that the NYT was publishing an op-ed both connecting Sarah Palin and making the gun control argument.  Fortunately, it didn’t last long – the resultant outrage got the Palin connection retracted.  All that’s left of that is the correction at the bottom of the editorial.  RINO, Mark Stanford (Being on the Left is not a matter of party, after all) has blamed Trump yesterday.  Expect this kind of behavior to continue.

And the final prediction of burying the story?  It didn’t take long.  Probably the most blatant is the Washington Post story leaking that the Independent Counsel is investigating Trump.  A story which is a) actually not new at all, and b) something so presumed that it is hardly news.  Convenient timing for something that has apparently been available.

If anyone is wondering why so many people have lost enough faith in the political system and the Press to be a trustworthy watchdog that the People would elect someone like Trump as President, this is a big part of the answer.

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The Attack On Republicans: I really hate being right…

I’m a bit sick to my stomach as I write this.  When I heard that the shooter was a home inspector from Belleville while driving to work this morning, I was going to predict that this was a middle-aged white man who is committed to the Left.  Thing is, that is really not a hard prediction.  If you live in the Metro East (i.e. Illinois side of the St. Louis area) as I do, that description is practically a given.

It’s disgusting to hear how pundits are talking about not making this political.  The terrorist – and that’s what this guy was – made it political from the outset.  He was explicit about that in both the effort he went to to find and target a large group of Republicans as well as his online postings.

But the truth is that this was made political months ago. Continue reading

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First Thoughts on Comey Hearing Opening Statements

Hi folks!  I know I’ve been away for some time.  There have been a series of life crises that have kept me from  writing for some time.  I’ll explain later.  For the moment I just wanted to put out my first thoughts on the Senate hearings going on just now.

I’ve just heard all the opening statements.  There are three takeaways that come shining plainly through.

  1. After Sen. Warner’s statement there is no doubt at all that this has absolutely nothing to do with the investigation.  These hearings are about – at least for the Democrats – overthrowing the sitting President.  No more.  No less.  It will be nothing more than a circus.  For all practical purposes, he called President Trump a threat to the nation.  Not by name, but only a fool could miss the intent and he made clear his goal to remove the threat.
  2. Special Counsel Mueller is not going to find any collusion or illegal activities on Trump.  If the opening statements are any clue, by the time the public testimony is over Comey will be at best a compromised witness.  If there was even a remote chance that he would have anything material in the “real” investigation, what I just heard Comey say would never have been allowed.  Particularly so, since his statement was reviewed and vetted by the Special Counsel office.
  3. Comey is absolutely going to use this as an opportunity for payback.  That is hardly a surprise, though.  I don’t care which side you’re on – Trump’s, Democrats’, or the truth – that is to be expected.  What I didn’t expect was for it to be so blatant.  From a legal perspective I wouldn’t have thought he’d want to undermine his credibility, though from a political perspective it could be calculated to do as much damage as possible.  If I’m right about #2, then I suppose this doesn’t matter.

One side note, though.  Sen. Burr did say something that is interesting in his statement.  He has re-opened the door for this investigation to lead to Hillary and/or Obama.  I’m not sure whether this should be taken as an actual threat to the Democrats, but it should at least be a warning to be careful of what you wish for.

To close, I have no doubt that this is going to weaken the public faith in our government, but probably not in a way that the press and Democrats anticipate.  If Trump support – which is very different from approval – hasn’t been shaken yet, then this circus is unlikely to do so.  I simply don’t see this leading to an impeachment or a resignation.  More likely, I believe, is that this will even further compromise the public confidence in Congress.  At best, it will validate the “swamp drainers” leading to more electoral bloodletting of incumbents.  At worst it could lead to – with the already deteriorating confidence in the courts – a presidency with authoritarian powers that far outstrip the worst of Obama’s abuses.  That takes us to a very bad place.

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Healthcare Reform. 25 Years Has Not Changed Reality

Ok, I’m speaking here as someone with over 35 years in the healthcare industry.  I started as a tech and research assistent as a college sophomore and have been involved in much of the major cardiac advances over that period.

There is a fundamental mistake happening in all of this.  The focus is on having insurance.  Whether or not you have insurance is not the real issue.  The real point is having affordable access to actual care. Continue reading

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How will it end?

Patrice Lewis had a wonderful editorial over at WND.  It’s certainly worth the read.

I think it was probably 2012, shortly after the election, when I noted that we had passed the point where things will be resolved without bloodshed. It’s just the form that bloodshed will take. Would it be bloodshed due to millions of well armed, well equipped people who say “No more!” or would it be bloodshed due to thousands of Progressives rioting because they were cut off when the electoral process worked and declare “No more!”

How it will end isn’t as hard to see as one might expect. Regardless what Leftists might say, America is a center-right nation that would best be called Classical Liberal; placing individual liberty above social security. Even with their control of public education, it’s will still take about two generations unopposed to change that.

They are not longer unopposed.

Perhaps the best thing Obama did was take the Left out of the shadows and into the open. That more than anything has helped marginalized the Democratic Party into what is rapidly becoming a regional party. Democrats focused on the mob and forgot that we are 50 separate States and the combined will of those States outweighs the mob of a few high population cities.

The bloodshed of their riots cannot be avoided. They have made clear that violence will be their response to anything other than a hard shift Left. Whether it is legislatively, a repositioning of the judiciary towards Constitutional lines, or an Article V convention, the Left really has no other response except the threat of blood. There is not room for compromise simply because their definition of compromise is a matter of how fast America embraces socialism, not if it embraces it.

My one fear is not whether we will win, but that in winning we allow our righteous anger to turn us into the monsters some of the Left accuse us of being. There, though, I remind myself that in spite of what the press may tell us, America is still a nation of Faith.

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Yes, NYT. You are the enemy of the American people.

There is nothing over the top about what the President said over the weekend.  You are convicted by your own behavior.

With all due respect, after the last 20 years and especially the last 18 months, “The Press” has the burden of regaining our respect.  Our distrust is not without cause and their actions have, in many ways, been consistent with enemies of America and its values.  Progressive socialism is the antithesis of what America stands for and your embrace of that makes you our enemy.

It is also a hubris to assume you are necessary as the press.  You are not.  A free press is necessary, but it does not have to be the NYT/WaPo/ABC/CBS/NBC/LAT monstrosities.  You are not entitled to the role.  The vacuum created by your abdication will be filled and it will be filled by whom the people decide they most trust.  You are not your own judge.  We are.

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In Favor of Eliminating the SCOTUS Filibuster

One thing that has not been considered yet is that the Democrats had no need to end the filibuster for SCOTUS. All they needed to do was remove it for the lesser courts and then populate it with their surrogates. This group of “respectable judges beyond repute” then becomes their pool for SCOTUS nominees. They knew they could count on Republicans not “denying” the President his choice. The truth is that a SCOTUS filibuster under this model will only ever be used against Republican nominees.

Now that the precedent is set, I do think that the Senate needs to finish the job and eliminate the filibuster for SCOTUS. It is largely irrelevant simply based on the argument above. There are too many reasons not to keep it.

  1. Trump will be nominating at least one and potentially three more justices. If Trump continues with Constructionist nominees as this one is sure to be, you can be certain the filibuster will eventually be eliminated. Progressives will have no choice but to try and stop an immense shift in judicial power away from their control for decades to come.
  2. Right now we are still in the “amnesia window” for political election cycles. Do it now rather than in a year when Trump makes his next nomination. Voters won’t hold it as relevant in the 2016 election other than those who are purely agenda driven. I.e. it won’t change outcomes.
  3. As I said, this will be a tool that will only ever be used against Constitutionalists.
  4. Political reality for a very long time to come is going to preclude selection of justices from outside the judicial branch regardless, the fact that there is no constitutional requirement.
  5. The media will come at you just as viciously regardless of when you do this.  That is a given.  At this time, it is still possible to argue and defend from principle.  In a year or two, when it’s a political necessity, you won’t have that.  This won’t matter to the press or the political class, but it will carry weight with the voters.

So please, Republican Senate, do this now while you can take the high road rather than the necessary road.  It will work out better in the end.

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